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Buying a villa in Ibiza may not be the cheapest option, but we assure you that if you are looking for comfort, privacy and luxury, buying a villa may be the best decision.

All our villas are carefully selected and are located in the best locations on the island. From the island’s indigenous architectural styles, such as the traditional “casas payesas” with their characteristic white lime colour, round arches and classic layout to luxurious modern villas with contemporary architectural styles and exclusive materials, all from the best architects and decorators on the island.

Whether to live all year round in your wonderful home, to visit it during holiday periods and forget about all your obligations or to invest it, turning it into a holiday rental property. We recommend you to have a look at our catalogue of villas and houses for sale.

Free valuation 

We offer a property valuation service completely free of charge. For those clients who wish to sell their property and want to know how much it may be worth, we have experienced valuation and appraisal professionals who will help us with either a property, premises or land to carry out an initial valuation of the property.

What is property valuation?

Property valuation is the process of determining the economic value of a real estate investment by trying to determine the fair market value of a real estate property, or the price at which an informed seller voluntarily sells his or her real estate property to an informed buyer. In other words, both parties have all the relevant information, and neither party is obliged to sell or buy.

However, it is important to note that the value of a property is not always equal to its price. For example, in some cases a seller is in distress and must sell the property immediately even if the price is lower than its fair market value.

Why is property valuation important?

Property valuation is a very important concept in real estate investment, as it is the main factor that determines the amount of property taxes and insurance to be paid. In addition, mortgage lenders require an appraisal of the property before granting a loan. The reason for this is to protect the potential buyer from paying too much for a real estate property, as well as to protect the bank from financing a property that is worth less than the amount it invests. Home appraisals are also necessary to settle legal matters such as a divorce, real estate settlement or lawsuit.

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