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If it is possible that there is something complicated in Ibiza, we are sure that it is the rental of flats to which this adjective can be attributed.

It is for this very reason that our company exists. We take care of visiting, filtering and selecting the best flats available for rent on the island. We carry out a previous study of all the characteristics, components and details of the flat to publish it on our website with all the detailed information.

In our catalogue you will find a wide variety of flats, from small centrally located refurbished flats and studios to large duplexes in the residential areas of Ibiza. There are rental options oriented to homes for the whole year, for the season oriented to those who come to work and even holiday flats.

In addition, as a novelty, we have Coworking spaces for rent at low cost to enjoy cooperative work. These are extensively equipped premises with very flexible rental plans.

As far as the owners are concerned, we also take care of a pre-screening of all interested parties, trying to ensure that before the visit, the requirements requested by the owners are met.

Cleaning of properties

Especially for rental properties but available for owners of all types of properties. We offer a complete cleaning and maintenance service both punctually and periodically for houses, villas or premises in Ibiza.

To ensure that your property is ready for sale or rent it is essential to carry out a detailed cleaning, which you can do yourself, although it is always advisable to call in professionals in the sector.

Advantages of hiring a cleaning service

Cost savings

If you are a landlord, doing the cleaning yourself will undoubtedly seem like a waste of money and effort. However, with rented property cleaning services, you don’t need to buy a lot of cleaning equipment and products. The professionals come prepared.

Improved occupancy

While the benefits of using rental property cleaning services to improve occupancy may not immediately cross your mind, the truth is that many tenants always gauge the level of cleanliness of a property before renting it out. Therefore, professional property cleaning will allow you to avoid this situation.

Improved occupancy

Hiring a professional rental property cleaning service means that if the tenant or landlord hires the service, if the cleaning is not done correctly and you are not satisfied, you can call the company to re-clean the areas of concern.

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